About stem cell therapy

What is stem cell therapy, the ultimate in aging care?

Stem cell therapy is a type of aging care which utilizes stem cells’ “regenerative power” to repair deteriorated parts of the body.

We propagate several hundred thousand stem cells from stem cells extracted from the patient’s own abdominal fat, return those cells to the body, and increase the body’s reparative abilities.

Treatment which utilizes stem cells from the patient’s subcutaneous body fat, known to contain a large amount of stem cells, has been proven effective and safe. Because of this, it is being considered as the future of regenerative medicine.

Because it leads the body to health at the cellular level, it improves thinning hair, vitality, and potency, and improves performance. If you would like to take back the power you had when you were young and active, please meet with us.


Characteristics of stem cells


Normal cells can make exact copies of themselves through the process of cellular division, but stem cells divide into 2 types of cells: The original cell (self-replication) and a cell with a specific function (pluripotency).

At that stage, the ingrained control center of DNA genes sends the cell orders to become part of the hand, foot, eyes, bones, or even organs, and the cell becomes specialized.


The regenerative power of stem cells

Regenerative Power

By dividing into two types of cells — the original cell (self-replication) and cells with a specific function (pluripotency) — the human body takes shape, and even regenerates cells damaged by illness or injury. This means that if the stem cells work properly, a finger, hand or foot lost to injury or for any other reason could grow back, and damaged organs could be regenerated.

Reptiles can re-grow their tails if they lose them. This sort of vitality comes from the fact that its stem cells function so well. If stem cells in human body worked as actively, we would have the ability to recover from any injury or disease. As research into stem cell technology progresses, it may become possible to have regenerative medicine that works on a cellular level to treat any type of illness.
This may contribute greatly to the future of cancer treatment, as well.

Stem cells are equipped with the ability to slow aging and promote physical health. In other words, if stem cells dwindle in number and lose function, then reinforcing them would return your youthful body, vitality, and potency, even allowing improved performance.


The peak of stem cells


Stem cells are found inside everyone’s body.
However, their number peaks during puberty and adolescence. They reduce with age, to the point that by the time we are about 80, it’s said that we have only about half as many stem cells as during our peak.
This is why we feel we used to recover from injuries more quickly as children, and more slowly as adults.

In addition, it’s said that our bodies produce as many as 5000-6000 cells that can become illnesses due to external stimuli and stress, even from our youth. When we’re young, our bodies have the ability to attack those cells and repair damage that they may cause. However, as we age, we have fewer stem cells, and it becomes more difficult to repair damage to our bodies, and more likely that we will have physical problems or illnesses.
Wrinkles on our skin increase, and we lose potency and energy.

By collecting and cultivating the patient’s own stem cells, and administering them, we can make up for this. The body’s renerative abilities can improve, deteriorated cells can be repaired, and our youthful bodies can come back.