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Young in mind
and body with
regenerative medicine

The regenerative power of stem cells leads us to healthy bodies
and high levels of performance

Miraculous aging care.
Become 10 years younger.

Regenerative medicine that allows you peace of mind, because it uses your own cells.
Start living 10 years younger with stem cell therapy that lets your cells be reborn.

Testimonials from stem cell therapy recipients

I can now run a marathon without really losing my breath! On top of that, I don’t get as tired anymore, and I’m able to deal with working overtime several days in a row. It has really helped.

Male, 50’s (Businessman)

I was afraid that the treatment was going to involve some kind of major surgery, but they just collect some of the cells from your body and administer them later, so I was pretty surprised at how easy it was.

Male, 50’s (Self-employed)

I’ve got better concentration and stamina, and working long hours isn’t as hard. I can also work more efficiently now, so I work less overtime.

Male, 40’s (Businessman)

My skin is smoother and is more resilient. I almost gave up on my appearance in my 50’s, but now I have hope.

Female, 50’s (Homemaker)

I feel like I can enjoy eating and drinking more. I suffer much less hangovers.

Male, 40’s (Freelancer)

My immune system improved, so I don’t get colds as easily and my GI issues are better. I had no idea I would improve this much, so I’m really pleased.

Male, 50’s (Businessman)

Have you experienced these symptoms?

  • I get tired more easily, and don’t have the same enthusiasm
  • I don’t feel like I’m in good physical condition
  • I don’t have the same energy or potency I did when I was younger
  • I wish I could improve my performance
  • I’m just not ready to slow down yet
  • I want to enjoy golf or running more

If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms…

With stem cell therapy, you don’t have to slow down!

I get tired more easily, I’ve lost my ambition, I feel kind of sluggish,
I wish I could work like I did when I had more energy.
If you’ve been thinking about these…
Stem-cell therapy can lead you to be ten years younger.

Safety of stem cell therapy

We collect a small amount of fat cells from the patient’s own abdomen,
extract and cultivate the stem cells,
and then return them to the patient’s body.
Unlike iPS cells, which are taken from someone else’s body,
we utilize your own cells, so there is no risk of rejection.
What’s more, there is no risk of cancer from local administration.
This is a highly safe form of treatment.

Point1 Zero risk of administered cells being carcinogenic, Point2 Zero risk of rejection, as the collected and administered cells are from your own body

Ishin-kai’s proven results and trustworthiness

Kanda Ishin Clinic is a government-certified regenerative medicine facility.

This clinic has received official designation by the Kanto-Shinetsu Regional Bureau of Health and Welfare under the Regenerative Medicine Promotion Act.
(Registration number PB3160007)
In Japan, it is possible to receive stem cell therapy only from medical facilities certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare under the Regenerative Medicine Promotion Act.

Kanda Ishin Clinic

2 Chome-2-13 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda, Tokyo  101-0032

Kanda Ishin Clinic

Treatment at our facility is provided by the foremost expert in aging care for men.
Since beginning to offer treatment in 2009, he has treated more than 500 cases.

Dr. Hiromi Yokoyama

Certified Regenerative Medicine Professional

Dr. Hiromi Yokoyama

A leader in men’s aging care who treats male menopause, prostatic hyperplasia, and erectile dysfunction.
Since he began providing regenerative medicine with stem cell therapy in 2009, he has tirelessly worked to help more than 500 patients reach their goals of taking back their youth and improving their health.

Positions held

Chief director of Ishin-kai Medical Corporation
Chairman of TENNENBUTSU IKAGAKU KENKYU ZAIDAN (under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
Representative Director of JCRASC, an NPO
General Manager of Kanda Ishin Clinic Regenerative Medicine Outpatient Services
Urology-specialized Doctor of Chinese Medicine

About A★STAR

As the forerunner in regenerative medicine, we always foster research that’s one step ahead.